November 18, 2005

I love Saturday

If forced to limit myself to just one crossword a week, I'd have to go with the Saturday NYT, and Byron Walden's puzzle is a prime example of why. You've got sparkling entries such as JEBEDIAH Springfield, OH ITS YOU and JUST ME, and EVIL GENIUS. Hall of Fame clues like "Place close to Sundance" for ETTA, "O and W, e.g." for MAGS, "Mustang braking system?" for LASSOS, and maybe "Y beneficiary" for SON. Not to mention great clue/entry combos like "Wayne duds" for BATSUIT, "Pudding content?" for THE PROOF, and "Stymie the feds" for LAWYER UP. Add an overall difficulty level that's both wicked and manageable. Then consider the construction: those corners with stacked 8-letter entries joined by a vertical 15 and each crossed by another 10-letter entry, not to mention the five longish entries crossing the central vertical entry. It's just a fantastic puzzle, isn't it? If only every day could be a Byron Saturday...

NYT 8:20
Newsday Stumper 5:17
LAT 5:05
CS 3:59

WaPo 8:34
LAW 7:35