April 18, 2006

Moving along to Wednesday

I know I said Lynn Lempel should keep making Monday puzzles because she’s so good at it, but I suppose we can make allowances for her to enliven the other days, too. The typical remove-two-letters theme isn’t always entertaining, but I liked Lynn’s theme entries in "Ready…or Not" in the Sun. LAB OF LOVE as “Fertility clinic?” That’s good stuff. As is the fill, with entries like SKINK, GET EVEN, and LARYNX. (Are the people who pronounce that “larnix” the same ones who buy houses from “Relators”?)

Lee Glickstein and Nancy Salomon’s FALSE STARTS puzzle in the NYT gave me a couple false starts: PATS instead of PETS, and AMINO instead of OLEIC. Just a few days ago, I was telling my husband that “kind of acid,” 5 letters, invariably clues AMINO…except, of course, for the handful of times it’s OLEIC, BORIC, MALIC, or SALIC.

NYS 4:23
CS 4:20
LAT 4:19
NYT 3:54