November 20, 2006

Tuesday, 11/21

NYT 4:16
NYS 4:11

Just a short post, and I won't be updating in the morning. Spent all day with family at a nursing home, where my grandma may be approaching the end of her life's journey. She's 94, so it's nothing unexpected or tragic, but it was a long, long day and I could scarcely read crossword clues tonight. On the bright side, Grandma had been wanting to see Wordplay—kept asking when the DVD was coming out—and did get a chance to watch it a week ago. She was in the hospital a week before the DVD came out, and the thought had crossed my mind that I hoped she'd last beyond November 7. And I'm glad to have a leisure pastime that gives my grandma something to brag about. "Are you the granddaughter who's a nurse practitioner?" people will ask in a hopeful tone. Nope (that's a cousin Grandma's proud of). "Oh! Are you the one who won the puzzle contest?" Yeah, that's me. Gotta give Grandma a good story for her conversational repertoire, right?

The NYT crossword's by Stella Daily and Bruce Venzke, and the Sun puzzle's by Jim Hyres. My mind is fried, so I'll dispense with the commentary for now. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves, and may your Tuesday be drama-free.