March 27, 2007

Mercenary matters

All righty, my name's finally on the Amazon page for How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle: Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Master America's Favorite Puzzle, so I've added a link in the sidebar.

The book's due to publish this July. I got my first look at the page proofs this past Saturday, and it looks rather like a book! (Well, if you ignore the giant white margins on every page.) I'm excited about it—agog, even!—and grateful to each and every person who's expressed interest in the book or extended their congratulations.

As a hired gun for St. Martin's Press, my remuneration comes in the form of a grant rather than royalties. However! I can earn a modest commission on copies bought via that handy little box near the top right of this page.

"Alas!" you may exclaim. "I've already pre-ordered my copy."

Fear not! You can always cancel your order and re-order the book through my site, thereby prompting Amazon to send some of its money to me. What could be easier?

P.S. Here's the tabletop poster St. Martin's had at Stamford: