June 30, 2007

Call for assistance

The in-laws just called to see when we might come up for a visit, and this weekend happens to be wide open. So we're going to America's Dairyland this afternoon, to a house with dial-up internet service. I could hang out at the BP station with its wifi, but that would be rude.

So either there'll be no post on the Sunday crosswords, or a guest blogger will step up to the plate. I've had Blogger send invitations to the five swell guest bloggers from my May vacation, but I'm also open to newbies for future guest stints. If you're interested in throwing your name in the pool, send me an e-mail.

If you're Dave, Al, John, Linda, or Barry and you'd like to write a Sunday post, have at it, and please accept my gratitude as well, not to mention my apologies for the short notice. If you're busy or disinclined, I certainly understand.

If nobody ends up writing a Sunday post, feel free to chat about the day's crosswords in the comments on this post.

Updated: Dave Sullivan's volunteered to cover the New York Times, Washington Post, and LA Times crosswords. Subject to change according to his whims...