March 03, 2008

Quick links

I am too brain-dead to write and edit a big post right now, and my mother's coming for lunch in a few. It'll be my treat, because she's the one who stole a Wordplay poster from my local indie cinema, and now I've got a movie poster signed by director Patrick Creadon, Will Shortz, Merl Reagle, Tyler Hinman, Al Sanders, Ellen Ripstein, Trip Payne, and Jon Delfin. Frameable! (Thanks to all of you Hollywood swells who signed the poster for me. It's a helluva keepsake now!)

Here are a few links for now:

• Eric Berlin's Friday night puzzle event was a suite of interlinked puzzles, some crosswords and some variety puzzles. My team (Susan Hoffman, her husband Ed, and me) finished 11th, and we had a blast. The puzzles are terrific, as I said before, and now you can buy 'em from Eric for the low, low price of $1.99. See here for details.

• Lorinne Lampert (who is one of those people who seems to be smiling all the time—charming!) was one of the people taking pictures of the Trogdor troupe—a bunch of us tried to psych Tyler out by all wearing the lucky Trogdor t-shirt that he keeps winning championships in. Here we are. Some local TV channel also filmed the Trogdor group and interviewed Evil Genius at Large Trip Payne, who cooked up the plan. The plan failed miserably, as it amused and honored Tyler rather than stealing so much of his mojo that one of us would win instead of him. (The Klahn final puzzle also ought to have vexed Tyler mightily, and yet he won again with little diminution of mojo. The young man has some mad crossword skillz, it must be said.)

• I don't see any photos at the ACPT site yet—Nancy Shack took a ton, but her laptop died during the weekend so she didn't get a chance to upload them along the way. And the official photographer, Don Christensen, is presumably still getting his photos together for the site. But Pete Mitchell, an affable constructor, posted his pictures here. I took my camera but never turned it on. Am terrible photographer.

• If you're hankering for detailed color commentary of the weekend's events and the divisional finals, visit The Puzzle Brothers, Dave and Bob Mackey. I spent less than a half hour at my laptop the whole weekend—am social butterfly and was only in my room from, like, 3 to 8 a.m., and I kinda needed to sleep then. But Bob and Dave teamed up and kept the information flowing. Also: No puzzle spoilers! You can safely read all of their coverage without mucking things up if you're planning to solve at home.

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