June 16, 2005

The Cruciverb contest

Man, I could have won a free copy of Marc Romano's Crossworld in the Cruciverb contest, if not for a technical glitch—I filled in the contest puzzle in about 5 minutes but got an error message when I tried to submit. Of course, I got that error message after the 9:00 contest had already ended, since I didn't head over to Cruciverb until after I did tomorrow's NYT puzzle at 10:00. But still...

What's up with Manny Nosowsky making an appearance in the timed applet only when it's his own puzzle? And does it rankle when other people are faster than he is at his own puzzle? (This time, Manny and I tied.) It's a beautiful grid, but it didn't put up nearly as much resistance as I thought it would. Here's hoping Will was just softening everyone up before foisting an extra-tough Saturday puzzle on us.