July 18, 2005

Vote for your favorites!

Building on the theme in Randall Hartman's Friday CrosSynergy puzzle, our contest participants concocted the following clues leading to an answer in which one letter I has been switched to a U. (Example from Randall's puzzle: something along the lines of "Magazine article about Hef? HUGH PROFILE.) Put them all together and they make a nice word game, don't they?

As a solving aid, the answers will be in alphabetical order. (You can also reveal the answers by highlighting the space after each clue with your mouse.) After solving, please leave a comment and vote for your favorite entry.

If you can't stand the suspense and want to know who wrote each clue, you can read the original entries among the comments on the post from Friday, July 15.

Author of "Hot Time in the Cloisters"? (8) ANAIS NUN

"Thelma and Louise"? (16)A TALE OF TWO CUTIES

Embarrassment at a family reunion? (14) AUNT MISBEHAVIN

Offer to an aardvark restaurateur? (10) BUG FAT DEAL

Person who amasses lies? (13) BULL COLLECTOR

Posada's pet? (12) CATCHERS MUTT

Greenish-gray vegetable? (10) DULL PICKLE

Just another step on the ladder of life? (14) ENGAGEMENT RUNG

Delivering sports equipment? (16) HAULING GOLF BALLS

Drunken fascist? (10) LOADED DUCE

Littering beauty queen? (11) MUSS AMERICA

What to do to a toupee? (6) OIL RUG

Peaceful booze? (10) PACIFIC RUM

Be Mack on stage? (10) PLAY A TRUCK

NY ballplayer with delicate sensibilities? (17) PRUDE OF THE YANKEES

Cat in the salad dressing? (13) PUSS IN VINEGAR

Human in salt water? (13) SHARKS FUN SOUP

Tropical tornado's damages? (14) SMASH HUT RECORD

Say bad things about Bugs? (11) SULLY WABBIT

Death by a thousand rays? (13) THE WAGES OF SUN

Singer who went Rolling on the River? (10) TUNA TURNER

Quarter's worth of excuses? (7) TWO BUTS

Missionary position? (10) VENTRAL FUN