April 11, 2006

Lamest posting ever

I'm glad I brought Peter Gordon's Hall of Fame Crosswords on vacation, because otherwise I'd be suffering the xword DTs. I've done the Monday and Tuesday NYTs in the actual newspaper (retro chic!), and I brought this week's Suns in Across Lite (have done only the Monday and Tuesday puzzles so far).

The most fun one was the Sun with DOGGY BOTTOM, which made me laugh. By Gary Steinmehl, was it? The file corrupted itself, so I can't see what I jotted down about it in the notepad. Ben Tausig's Monday Sun was cute, too, with the vampirical theme.
My official time was about 45 minutes, because I had just started the crossword when my son barfed in the bedroom. Such a shame when you're visiting someone in their brand-new house and your kid throws up strawberries (red!) on the pale carpet... By the time we finished cleaning up the mess, the Across Lite timer had gone on a rampage.

Mon NYT 2:59
Tues NYT 3:45ish?
Mon Sun 45:45
Tues Sun 4:10ish?