November 19, 2006

Monday, 11/20

NYS 4:15
NYT 3:06
LAT tba
CS tba

Bernice Gordon's NYT crossword made me nostalgic for my childhood. Why? Because my family watched The Flip Wilson Show alluded to in 58-Across. (Don't miss the terrible joke at the end of the Wikipedia write-up.) But the show's run ended when I was just 7? Holy cow! (As in ELSIE the [Borden cow], right beneath COMEDIAN WILSON. Did I mention that my cousin's baby girl is named Elsie? Moo.) During the same era, we watched Love, American Style, which I think was shown after school in syndicated reruns, because I have the sense that I watched it an awful lot. William KATT, who starred in The Greatest American Hero a decade later, was recently in Entertainment Weekly, sharing his superhero take on Heroes (Save the cheerleader!), a new TV series which featured the NYT crossword last week. See? I'm not rambling. It's all related.

James Sajdak's Sun puzzle is cheerful, jovial, and downright riant. You know what? If I were writing the title for this one, instead of "Smile!" I'd have opted for "Glee Club."