May 14, 2007

Support Your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger

I have been a big admirer of Orange since I discovered this blog shortly after it began. Until I had the opportunity to guest blog, I had no idea how much work it is. Linda G was inspired by guest blogging to start her own daily crossword blog. Not me. Not unless and until I'm ready to give up my day job. I am sure Orange finds this a labor of love, but it is a labor.

After my final official guest blog later tonight/tommorrow morning I will be "giving up my space on the front page", as Howard B put it. I will become a lurker/commenter, again. Before I go I have two requests:

1. If you read this blog and find it helpful, disagree, or have something to add . . . comment. There is nothing more frustrating than publishing a kickass post and checking back hours later and finding . . . NO COMMENTS.

2. Contribute money to defray Orange's costs through the Amazon link on the right. It is unfair that not only does Orange put her time and effort into this blog, but her money as well. We should all be defraying her costs. I also suspect that getting contributions, even token ones, validates her correct view that she is providing a service that readers value. I hereby pledge to pay $2 instead of $1 every time she explains a theme or clue to me.