June 10, 2007

Monday, 6/11

LAT 3:44
NYT 2:48
CS 2:44
NYS tba—still waiting for the Across Lite version

Hmm, I have no extraneous thoughts to put in a before-the-cut paragraph today. Moving right along: The Monday NYT by Harriet Clifton is a completely solid Monday puzzle, nothing too crazy-fancy (other than having five them entries instead of just three or four) and nothing too contrived or forced. Just a good Monday crossword. The theme entries are all phrases that mean [Short on dough], as in FLAT BROKE. I'VE HAD IT is wonderful fill, and I liked the pairing of ROSIE / PEREZ (she directed a documentary about being Puerto Rican, titled Yo soy Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas! It's either just out on DVD now or just out in theaters...I forget which section of Entertainment Weekly I saw it in.). I don't know about that clue for LEO: [Fierce type, astrologically]. Am I fierce?