July 12, 2007

Books and movies

Hey! Look! How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle isn't available only in the U.S. People in the U.K. can order it from amazon.co.uk for £4.95, and South Africans can snap it up for just 113.95 rands at kalahari.net. The British pound's worth about $2, so that's a comparable price, but the South Africans must spend over $15, poor dears.

Hey! Look! I just got my box of advance copies this morning. Well, I guess they're not advance copies by now. But yay! It's my first peek at anything since the page proofs back in March.

Hey! Look! The crossword-constructor movie gets mentioned in the latest Entertainment Weekly. Bradley Cooper, perhaps best known for his work on Alias (which I didn't watch), is "set to play the lead in the comedy All About Steve. He and his co-worker, a TV reporter played by Thomas Haden Church [playing Steve], are stalked by a crossword-puzzle writer (Sandra Bullock). 'It's really about life,' says Church, 'and how people have eye-opening experiences.'"