August 17, 2007

Experiment in posting

I knew a few people wouldn't read this blog if it didn't have the jump cuts hiding spoilers from plain view. If you're a few days behind on the puzzles, it's nice to be able to scroll down to the writeup you want without seeing answers from crosswords you haven't done yet.

However, Google seems to have forgotten how to scan the text that's hidden, which makes it considerably harder for new readers to find their way here. (And this is patently ridiculous, because who owns Blogger and blogspot? That's right: Google.)

I dearly love my regular readers, I do, but it'd be wonderful to have new people join this community, too, wouldn't it?

So I'm going to try eliminating the jump cut and see if it helps. Apologies to those of you who appreciate the jump cut (and please let me know who you are—I don't know if it's five people or a hundred).