February 10, 2008

And the winner of the crosswordese poetry contest is...


Frances used plenty of frequent crossword answers as themselves, but repurposed "et tu" as "ate two":

Atta girl
Emoted Erle--
But IOU the ante from last eve's ado.
Here's an olla of oreos, but I already et tu

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I loved the other two entries Frances submitted, too, featuring architecture and Civil War–meets–Hawaii:

Ilsa alit with eclat as she tried to estop
Eero from marring the apse with an IHOP

The lei was alee
As it lay on the lea.
It implied an "aloha" from Robert E Lee

Frances, please e-mail me to let me know where to send your Russell Brown crossword earrings. If you'll be attending the crossword tournament in a few weeks, I could also deliver them in person then.

Honorable Mentions

Wendy included plenty of Drama in Surreal Life:

Anka's ankh
Overboard on the Yser
The erne yearns

Leo II and Ehud
Slathered oleo on the X-Men

PhillySolver joined Wendy with this surreal tableau:

Set to buy an IMac
on Ebay, Igor
crossed an asp

Penny specialized in tragedies writ small. I especially liked this one:

An American Tragedy

Arlo ogled Ella.
Ella got gat.

Pat the ex-lurker went thematic with Irish music and E words:

An Irish Haiku (Haiku de Eireann)

Ere I saw Enya,
Erato sang e'er to me,
Teaching me Erse tunes.

Speaking of Enya, Barry F. offered the best repurposing of the Irish New Ager's name:

Nsultryu (old form, three syllables, always insulting):
Enya face

Janie showed signs of a waggishly addictive personality, submitting about 30 entries. These three were my favorite Janieisms—one introducing an Archie Bunker accent, one addressing the issue of E-prefixed words seen more in crosswords than on the web, and one with combining mountain geography and crosswordese yodeling:

Fora face that glows,
Stet using the real dele:
Erle of ole!

Enote, etail, ecard, et al.
Enow for an eon.
Time for an Eban!!

The yodel doth Eco
From tor to tarn:

Congratulations to Frances and the runners-up, and thanks to all who participated in the fun!