January 27, 2009

Tournament dreams

I awoke this morning relieved to escape from the dream I was having.

I was at the crossword tournament and couldn't find a seat at any of the tables, so I and my flimsy yellow folder settled into a folding chair with no table, so I'd have to do crosswords on my lap. I had to jot down an eight-digit contestant number, and my number was impossible to discern. (What's that last number?)

Then I flipped over the puzzle and discovered that the font was horrible, not very readable. And the photocopy quality was awful. A lot of clues, I simply couldn't read. And those I could make out...well, I had no idea what any of the answers were. None of them. [Steinberg], 5 letters? The only Steinberg I could think of was Chicago columnist Neil, with 4 letters.

Feel free to share your own fevered ACPT dreams in the comments.