February 11, 2009

Order your Stamford-on-Brooklyn tee now!

Vic Fleming has constructed a 17x17 crossword with a theme that's related to the 2009 crossword tournament. (I'm partial to 20-Across, ["How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle" author], of course.)

For details and photos, read on.

Stamford-on-Brooklyn 2009 tee available NOW!

I Swear Enterprises is offering the “Stamford-on-Brooklyn 2009” t-shirt for sale NOW. (“Stamford-on-Brooklyn” is our pet name for the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, but this is NOT an official product of that event or organization.)

On the back of the shirt is a 17x17 crossword grid, whose theme pertains directly to this year’s ACPT. On the front are the clues. This is an anatomically correct puzzle in every respect (constructed by Victor Fleming).

The grid on the back and the printing on the front are about one foot square. This is not screen-printing. The grid and clues are digitally transferred to the shirt itself, so the shirt remains as comfortable as when manufactured. There’s no feeling of having a piece of cardboard on your back or stomach. The shirts are Hanes Beefy-T, steel gray in color
(Orange would call it pearl gray) and very nice (smooth and soft indeed).

The price is $30 plus shipping if you act now. Call Bridgeway Press at 501-907-7377 (toll-free in the contiguous 48 states: 866-708-7377) or email Frank Ross at bridgepress@windstream.net. (That price applies to short sleeve shirts of S,M,L & XL sizes; larger sizes and long-sleeve shirts cost a bit more. Also, a couple of other colors are available, including ash, the color of last year’s shirt, which was very popular.)

I Swear Enterprises
P.O. Box 7694
Little Rock, Arkansas 72217