May 11, 2009

Extra crosswords!

It's Monday. The crosswords are easy. You find yourself hankering for more. You're in luck! Here are two more puzzles:

Trip Payne's made a Longoesque vowelless crossword of his own. At Trip's website Triple Play Puzzles, scroll down to Vowelless Crossword #1 in the list of variety puzzles. This one seemed a little easier than Frank Longo's vowelless Sun crosswords were, with a finishing time of 10:04. (I haven't seen Frank's upcoming all-vowelless puzzle book yet, so I don't know how those compare.) As soon as I finished, I Googled Mainz to see what the vowelless version of the [German state whose capital is Mainz] expanded to, but aside from that, I was able to figure out what all the answers would be with vowels. Trip is a kind soul, so he's posted two versions of the puzzle—the hard one provides no enumerations, while the easier one tells you how the letter and word counts break down in the expanded answers.

Did you read Brendan Quigley's discourse on "Ten Bullshit Themes"? Patrick Blindauer did, and he saw that one of his not-yet-submitted puzzles was already being mocked without anyone having seen it. So he sent it my way for online publication. Head over to the Crossword Fiend forum to download Patrick's crossword.