August 24, 2009

Lollapuzzoola puzzles are up!

If you missed the Lollapuzzoola crossword tournament this past weekend and weren't among the handful of test solvers, you're gonna wanna head right here to download the crosswords. Mike Nothnagel's themeless finals puzzle isn't up yet, but other goodies await:

"Sounds of Silence" by Todd McClary (15 minutes, Monday level)
"Just to Shake Things Up…" by Brian Cimmet (20 minutes, Tuesday level)
"By George!" by Peter Gordon (25 minutes, Thursday level)
"Stranded" by Brendan Emmett Quigley (35 minutes, Saturday level)
"Making A Scene" by Doug Peterson (35 minutes, Sunday level)

I think I have to go next year—the multimedia gimmicks and outside-the-grid interactivity must be a hoot in person.

Congrats to Brian Cimmet and Ryan Hecht on organizing the event and to all participants from the finalists (Dan Feyer, edging out fellow finalists Francis Heaney and Howard Barkin) to the cellar-dwellers.