August 21, 2005

Head-to-head comparison

Will Shortz reported in the NYT forum tonight that the Anthony Salvia Monday puzzle in the timed applet was pulled from the print edition and Across Lite, as the same puzzle was already published in the Sun on April 18. I've just compared the two, and I'd have to say I prefer the Sun version overall, though I definitely like GURU in Will's rendition more than EPEE in Peter Gordon's. I don't know what Salvia submitted originally, so I don't know if Will or Peter retained more of the original fill (or if each editor made roughly the same number of changes). The sections where one or both editors obviously asked for reworking are the NW, NE, center, center right, and SW—a whopping five out of the nine discrete zones of the puzzle. It's neat to have the opportunity to see what the two editors produced out of the same source material—a hidden-camera peek into how they do their jobs.

I haven't yet retrieved the true Monday NYT puzzle by Lynn Lempel yet—remind me in the morning if I forget, will you?