June 26, 2006


I spaced on watching PBS's "Chicago Tonight" with Patrick Creadon's guest appearance this evening; fortunately, the show is re-aired at midnight, 1:30, and 4:30 a.m, so TiVo's all set.

Patrick Blindauer's Sun puzzle, "Think Peace," swaps out —D OF for DOVE, changing the spelling of the word that loses the D (as in FEEL DOVE DREAMS, based on "Field of Dreams"). Good puzzle overall; my favorite clues were "You need to go when it calls" (NATURE) and "Locale of Occidental tourists"? (ASIA).

Damon Gulczynski's NYT features 80S FADS, including LEG WARMERS, JELLY SHOES, RUBIK'S CUBE, and DONKEY KONG. (Note to self: In the NYT applet, one apparently must replace a numeral with the first letter of the number's name, no matter how odd EZS FADS may look.) I like seeing a rebus twist thrown in early in the week. Having been a teen in the '80s, I enjoyed this puzzle and, alas, have personal experience with most of the theme entries.


The one-time dental editor in me smiled when I looked back at Allan Parrish's LA Times puzzle to suss out the theme. The ROOT(CELLAR) contains the PULP(FICTION) and is embedded in the GUM(WRAPPER); the ENAMEL(PAINT) covers what's beyond the root area. It would've been good to find a spot for TOOTH or DDS to tie the theme together.

NYS 4:44
CS 3:46
NYT 3:31 (I had a typo to dig out as well as having numerals in the rebus boxes—hmph!)
LAT 3:04