June 14, 2006

Why isn't it Friday yet?

I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Not because the crosswords are hard—it's just shaping up to be a long week.

Adam Cohen's Thursday NYT is a quote puzzle with a Fridayish vibe. You've got O-TYPE (see here for the Japanese "blood type theory of personality"—I am, apparently, a natural leader with a ruthless streak. I always suspected as much), AMOROSO (I say you can't beat a good cask of amontillado), ESSIE from Ah, Wilderness!, ELEGIT ("writ of execution"), the bird called the OXPECKER (how have I not heard this name before?), JOSS sticks (incense—why not Joss Whedon?), and poet Howard NEMEROV.

David Kahn's Themeless Thursday in the Sun is framed by four interlocking 15-letter entries, including an Ian McKellen movie I loved. It's basically your standard, high-quality Kahn themeless (LOU REED, SOPOR, IN JAIL, SKORT), but not too tough. There's an extra fillip, though—note the apt placement of the 11-letter entries that cross in the center.

NYT 4:47
LAT 4:01
NYS 4:00
CS 2:49