July 05, 2006

Lame Star Wars word game

Okay, this came out of brainstorming with my six-year-old, whose knowledge of Star Wars is mostly attributed to the Lego Star Wars video game, and my husband, whose inner word geek is emerging after seeing Wordplay. My own understanding of the characters is sorely lacking, so if you're a Star Wars geek, my clues will appall. The gist of it is that each answer is a Star Wars character's name with one letter changed. None of the characters is really obscure. (My husband and I also came up with a potential crossword theme, but I haven't really checked for symmetrical letter counts yet...)

Example: [Jedi pilot experiencing too many G's] could be PUKE SKYWALKER. Two answers are hyphenated, but the hyphen breaks aren't signaled. If you don't like puns, then move along—nothing to see here.

Bulldozer (5,4)
Jedi pain reliever (6,9)
Deli sandwich, hold the cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo (3,4)
Bounty hunter salad topping (4,4)
Lesbian royal (5,7)
Leader with a good feeling (10,9)
Where Gungans wash up (3,3,5)
Jazz royal (8,4)
Rogue with initiative (5,10)
Kingpin who's a total ass (5,3,4)
Unlucky Jedi master (6,4)
Dancing bounty hunter (5,4)

Leave your answers in the comments.