July 30, 2006


NYT 12:18
WaPo 10:29
LA Times 9:45
LA Weekly 7:45
CS 3:53

Randall Hartman's CrosSynergy Sunday Challenge isn't clued to be that hard, but it's got some fantastic 9- and 10-letter fill entries.

Today is, apparently, Quotepuzzlepalooza, with a George Carlin quip in Vic Fleming and Bonnie Gentry's oversized 23x23 NYT, a safety-conscious Ellen DeGeneres quote in Henry Hook's LA Weekly crossword, and the OLD PERFESSOR (though I'm partial to the more enthusiastically misspelled spelling, "Old Perfesser") Casey Stengel, in Damien Peterson's LA Times quip puzzles. Then there's a non-quote puzzle, Kelsey Blakley's "Ship Shape" Washington Post puzzle with plenty of good fill around a types-of-boats-in-phrases (e.g., COOKIE CUTTER, TUG OF WAR) theme.

Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon's cryptic crossword (the NYT's second Sunday puzzle) was fun. Is it just me, or did it go faster than the average cryptic?