September 29, 2006

The Onion crossword to launch next week

The satirical weekly newspaper we know and love, the Onion, will start carrying a crossword puzzle next week. Ben Tausig, who edits the puzzles, reports:

The constructing duties are in the capable hands of some of the finest minds in the business, including Byron Walden, Brendan Quigley, Deb Amlen, Matt Jones, Tyler Hinman, Francis Heaney, and Matt Gaffney, and I will also contribute as well.

Upon launch, the feature will be in the print edition only, though it will expand to the website in the next few weeks. Beginning next Wednesday, October 4th, you can find it on newsstands in Madison, Milwaukee, NYC, Chicago, the Twin Cities, Denver, Boulder, LA, and San Francisco.

If you don't live in one of those cities, fear not: You can receive the Onion puzzle via e-mail each week along with Ben's Ink Well puzzle. Sign up here.

I'm psyched that an outlet with (scattered) nationwide distribution, heavy web presence, and younger demographics is making space for a crossword puzzle. This ain't gonna be your grandma's crossword!