September 26, 2006

Wednesday, 9/27

NYS 4:56
Tausig 4:43
LAT 3:48
CS 3:08
NYT 3:06

I was out all day, so I haven't done Ben Tausig's Ink Well puzzle yet—will get to that sometime Wednesday, but maybe not until afternoon...

I didn't grasp what Jack McInturff was doing with his Sun theme until I got toward the bottom of the puzzle, with A BEAUTIFUL RIND containing an unmistakable M-to-R letter switch (the puzzle's title is "Mr. Bond). Fun clues: [Number two helper?] for EX-LAX, [Sister of Moses] for APPLE (Gwyneth's two kids). Difficult (for a nonmusician) clue: [Abruptly, on a musical score] for SUBITO. Here's a recent Ted RALL cartoon, in case you were wondering what he's done.

I did Elizabeth Gorski's NYT puzzle quickly enough, but apparently the effort exhausted me (tonight's the night I catch up on sleep! or that's my plan, anyway) because I can't think of a thing to say. Good night!


Good morning! Ben Tausig's sound-change puzzle has some clever clues. I've forgotten what they were after Googling the base phrase for 65-Across; I'd include a link, but the pictures are all too horrifying. Oh! I liked the clue [Tat exchange] for TIT—given the venue, the solver presumably thinks of tattoos rather than timeworn phrases.