October 09, 2006

Four weeks until the Wordplay DVD release

Hey, look! You can preorder the DVD of Wordplay now. The Amazon page includes just one customer review so far (and features a compelling price of $16.99).

The customer/reviewer writes: In following these different people (literally from all walks of life-a homosexual, a mid-west family man, a college student, a single female) the audience almost becomes a part of their group. It was absolutely warming, to say the least (Ellen Ripstein has got to be one of my all-time favorite characters!). Poor Al Sanders, always misrepresented by the inattentive viewer (assorted writers and bloggers have assigned him a motley assortment of surnames amd professions). Which part of the Midwest accounts for the scenic mountain vista seen from his yard, exactly? And how lovely to limn Trip Payne as, simply, "a homosexual." (Oy!) At least Ellen gets an enthusiastic endorsement. Technically, Al, Trip, Ellen, and Tyler don't represent "all walks of life," unless that means "all sorts of bright and well-educated Caucasians"...but I digress.

I encourage those of you who aren't in Wordplay (but enjoyed the movie) to write Amazon reviews. It could be fun to raise the bar of inaccuracy and see who can compile the freshest and most entertaining mistakes. (No fair plagiarizing from Trip's meta-review of wrongness.)