December 12, 2005

Tooeasyday redux

Okay, so it wasn't quite as easy as the Tuesday puzzle three weeks ago, but Roy Leban's NYT still seemed much easier than a Tuesday puzzle ought to be. (Maybe Will Shortz is deliberately easing up the early-week puzzles? Say it ain't so, Will!) But as I zipped through the grid, it did not escape my notice that it's a good puzzle—PAPYRUS crossing GARGOYLE and SHORT U? GALILEO crossing MUESLI and NOT YET? A spicy/herbal theme? I liked those things. Can anyone explain TORRES = "Spanish constructions" to me, though?

I enjoyed the bodily theme in Paula Gamache's Sun puzzle, "Habeas Corpus"...

Updated: ...and the gearshift theme in Curtis Yee's LA Times puzzle.

NYS 4:18
CS 3:13
LAT 3:00
NYT 2:45