December 23, 2005

We open the floor for YUMMV nominations

Over on the NYT's Today's Puzzle forum today, John "Popeye" Minarcik bemoaned the demise of the annual forum tradition of choosing the year's best puzzles. I don't know the full history, but originally they were the YUMMI awards, the MMI being the year 2001. Then there were YUMMIIs, YUMMIIIs, and YUMMIVs. And now, we are ready to nominate the year's finest for YUMMV status.

I'll nominate:

• Byron Walden's assorted themeless puzzles in the NYT and NYS
• Frank Longo's vowelless puzzle in the NYS (10/7)
• Eric Berlin's "Going Too Far" puzzles from the NYS (9/2 and...wasn't there another date?)

As you can see, my favorite puzzles are tough themelesses with clever clues and oddball varietals that pose an extra challenge.

I'll be away for an extended Christmas weekend, but the comments will remain open so you can put in a good word for your favorite puzzles and constructors of 2005. What and who gave you cruciverbal thrills and chills this year?