March 26, 2006

ACPT, day 2

Once again, I've spent next to no time in my room since I left it for breakfast this morning, returning in the wee-ish hours. (Post-puzzling, I went to the Cru party, dinner, the Wordplay screening, the hotel bar, and a beer bash featuring puzzle editors and constructors doing some theme brainstorming that was totally off-the-hook wild.) Unfortunately, rather than having puzzles at 11:00, puzzle 7 is at 9:00, which is sounding mighty early right about now. The preliminary standings will be posted in six hours, and things like sleeping, showering, and eating breakfast need to get squeezed into that time window. Ack!

I don't know of any errors I made in the first six puzzles, but then, how awake was I when I solved them? There's no telling what sort of slop may have ended up on my grids. I mostly finished one or two minutes behind the vanguard on each puzzle, except for puzzle 5 (a wicked themed creation from Byron Walden), where I punched out about five minutes after the fastest solver (Katherine Bryant). However, I didn't make the known errors that may have knocked a couple of A finals contenders out of the running. (That doesn't preclude random errors in other parts of the puzzle...)

I can't wait to find out how I did and who's still in the battle to reach the finals. And so to bed.