March 06, 2006

Kedd (Hungarian Tuesday)

Tuesday NYT = quip puzzle by Richard Jacobs. Decent enough puzzle,'s still a quip puzzle. Meh. In my book, themeless > themed > quip.

In the Sun, the reliable Lynn Lempel hides a bouquet of flowers at the ends of the theme entries in "Late Bloomers." PARASKI just might be a new entry, and Lynn has several other good ones, like BUZZARD, WRAITH, and DELIRIA.


I'm so glad that Ben Tausig lets us have his Ink Well/Chicago Reader puzzle on Tuesdays rather than making us wait a couple more days, because I like having a Thursdayish puzzle earlier in the week. I really liked this one, with some hip last names that don't pop up in most crosswords, a meatless theme, a new clue for IKES ["Mike and ___ (fruit candies)"], HELL NO, and a fresh clue for TENANT ("Flat letter?").

Good (if easy) CrosSynergy puzzle from Martin Ashwood-Smith today—"When in Rome." And I kinda liked Doug Peterson's LA Times puzzle, too.

Tausig 4:17
NYS 3:52
NYT 3:21
LAT 2:58
CS 2:55
Newsday 2:33 (on paper)