October 10, 2006

Cruciverb.com status update

The latest from Cruciverb.com's Kevin McCann:

For those of you who have not heard what happened, a phone company (Rogers) came into my home and removed the analog phone connection in my home, which was installed by a competing company (Bell) years ago. This error was committed despite repeated assurances by Rogers that the new digital phone service was be separate and would have no impact on my existing network. Obviously, Rogers was wrong. I have been trying to get service restored by the original company, Bell, but I have been on a waiting list for a long time now. Maybe they don't put a rush on things when dealing with customers who have been doing business with the competition. I dunno.

In any event, I have been told that the line will be fully restored on Thursday. It amazes me that it has to take this long, especially in critical situations like this.

Thanks for your patience.

- Kevin