October 01, 2006

Monday, 10/2

NYT 3:06
CS 3:02
LAT 2:42
NYS tba

Perhaps I'm a terrible parent. All I asked for was not to be spoken to for three minutes. Three minutes! The kid made it about one minute before he sidled up to me with a question. It makes me grateful that Will Shortz hasn't opted to toughen up the crossword tournament by randomly interrupting contestants mid-puzzle. Ever see that game show on Comedy Central, "Distraction"? The host reads trivia questions while the contestants are distracted by things like ping pong balls being shot at their heads, or nudists squeezing into a phone booth with them. It's so much easier to think without distractions like pain, or children. This, I posit, accounts for the preponderance of single people without kids among the elite solvers at Stamford.

So, yeah, I would've liked to finish Harvey Estes' light Monday NYT crossword a little faster than I did...


Another puzzle from Harvey Estes—today's CrosSynergy crossword, a tribute to actor Glenn Ford, who died on August 30. The only Ford movie I ever saw was Superman—his career was mostly before my time and out of my genres.

Still waiting for the week's Sun puzzles to be posted...