March 26, 2007

Visual eavesdropping

I'm one of those people you don't want to sit next to on public transportation, because whatever you're reading, I'll be reading over your shoulder. And I doubt I'm all that unobtrusive about it.

Last night on the American Airlines jet (where coach-class passengers don't rate a half-ounce bag of pretzels, but may buy M&Ms for three bucks—just in case we missed a chance to pay exorbitant prices from the hotel minibar and felt the trip would be incomplete without that experience), Tyler was on my right and another 20-something guy was on my left. Mr. Aisle was writing his to-do list on his laptop. In a word processing document. Using the automated outline format with double-spacing. (Er, isn't that how everyone does it?) Up top, there was mention of a symposium, maybe something Greco-Roman. A little lower down, this:

III. Personal

1. Fingernails

2. Buy shampoo

I looked at Mr. Aisle's hands, and his nails were already short. Tyler suggested that he's planning to paint his nails. I'm thinking he wants to remember to apply his Lee Press-on nails before the symposium.

From now on, I'm putting fingernails on every to-do list.