March 14, 2007

Wordplay mention on Jeopardy!

I don't know why Chicago's ABC affiliate has to set its own daytime schedule this way—Oprah is on at 9 a.m., not in the afternoon, and Jeopardy! is on at 3:30, not in early evening. Alas, that means I missed seeing ACPT contestant Scott Weiss on the game show today. Sherry Blackard tipped me off, but alas, after the show had aired here.

Sherry reports that Scott's interview segment included a mention of Wordplay (his scene in the movie ended up on the virtual cutting room floor, alas), that Alex Trebek said he saw the documentary recently on an airplane (ooh, I wonder if the censors dubbed over Merl Reagle's "enema" and "urine"), and that Alex reported that Scott placed 27th last year, ahead of Ken Jennings' 33rd-place finish.

Maybe a couple of you Mountain or Pacific time zone people will get a chance to see the show.