October 17, 2007

Congrats to Eric LeVasseur!

I just watched one of today's Merv Griffin's Crosswords episodes with Eric LeVasseur (who was a B Division finalist this year at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and was a most congenial fellow). Okay, I didn't sit down with Eric and watch the show, but rather watched the show on which he competed. Eric started out in the spoiler row, worked his way to the Podium of Life, racked up more dollars there, got booted back to Spoiler Row, and regained the Podium of Life in time to win. He charged through the final round with only a couple of pauses and left with more than $8,000, a trip to St. Lucia, and two California vacations. Well done, Eric!

Now that your show has aired, Eric, feel free to share all your winning strategy tips...