October 01, 2009

Buy into Patrick Blindauer's puzzle project

The most discerning of you chipped in a few dollars to Eric Berlin's recent Kickstarter.com crossword project and in return received a terrific suite of crosswords and the chance to win Eric's contest.

Now Patrick Blindauer is on the bandwagon:

Provided Patrick raises at least $2,000 within 31 days, he will give his supporters a holiday-themed suite of puzzles and the chance to win free admission to the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (or $290). The minimum buy-in is $5, but if you chip in $30 you also get two of Patrick's puzzle books. Or pledge $200 and get a customized crossword, too. The cool thing about Kickstarter puzzles is that your money goes directly to a constructor rather than to a publisher's stockholders.

Are you in? I'm in.