November 24, 2005

Just last weekend I was asking for a Joe DiPietro Saturday NYT, and got a Friday one instead. And it was too easy! (Please don't smack me. I'm not the only one in my applet time range.) So many of the longer entries practically filled themselves in. I did start out with MADE A PEEP instead of MADE NOISE, but then ONE COURSE and SEA OTTERS led me to the crossings and the NOISE correction. There's some fantastic fill, though—EIGHTYSIX and BABY TEETH (which was a tricky one for me) were my favorites. You know what? Maybe the folks with the slower solving times are still digesting their Thanksgiving feasts. I'm actually hungry now, since my family sat down to eat at 12:30.

I enjoyed Fraser Simpson's cryptic crossword in the Friday Sun a few days ago. I don't seek out cryptics, but dig 'em when I come across 'em.

My husband's watching this week's episode of Lost right now. Locke was doing a crossword that's been discussed on the internets—for the clue "Enkidu's friend," he fills in GILGAMESH. But thanks to TiVo, I took a good look at that grid. If GILGAMESH is the answer, his crossings are all messed up. From what I could see of the crossing entries, SPRI???C? looks more likely. So I plugged that in at OneLook, and it gave me one possibility: SPRINT PCS. There must be a deeper meaning to this incomprehensible crossword, because the show has so many layers of mysteries. But SPRINT PCS? Frankly, I'm lost.


Don't miss Roy Leban's Chronicle of Higher Education puzzle, complete with Shakespeare puns, and Cathy Millhauser's WSJ, which was kinda tough.

NYS 8:04
NYT 4:51
LAT 4:36
CHE 3:56
CS 3:20

WSJ 10:12
Reagle tba