November 25, 2005


Rich Norris's Saturday NYT was filled with tough spots that eluded me, starting with 1 Across ("intro interruption" = WEVE MET) and continuing through every section of the grid. As the minutes ticked by, I was IN A HOLE, but eventually I RAN RIOT over the grid and finished it. While I always appreciate a challenge, and liked plenty of entries (DAME EDNA, HOLD COURT, ROLEPLAY, and the aforementioned WEVE MET) and clues ("neither here nor there" for EN ROUTE), there were a few dry spots (REERECT, the clue "two seater, perhaps?" for MAITRE D, and good ol' RETS). It was kind of odd to see the plurals HUHS and EHS, but they were salvaged by the clue "Hah!" (for SO THERE)—does anyone else hear James Brown?

NYT 8:51
LAT 6:00
Stumper 5:32
CS 3:05

Reagle 10:05
LAW 9:55
WaPo 8:22