November 21, 2005


I swear the Tuesday NYT puzzles have been getting easier lately. This week's from Nancy Salomon is quite good (aside from the dreaded OLEO)—a solid theme plus good fill like SWISH, FREE FOR ALL, SHAKE IT UP, MOJO, and BED OF ROSES—but too darned easy. Then there are the quaint expressions that have been largely superseded in recent decades: NERTS situations more commonly call for four-letter words now, and the eye in MY EYE has been replaced with another three-letter body part that isn't making it into the NYT crossword in conjunction with MY.

Continuing in the what-happened-to-the-upward-trend-of-difficulty vein, the Tuesday Sun puzzle by Randy Hartman, "Movin' Men," was one of the easiest Sun puzzles I've seen in ages—despite the fact that I was unfamiliar with the nicknames LARRUPIN LOU and RAMBLIN JACK beforehand. (Why, oh why didn't I slow down before I finished the Frank Longo book of killers?)

Have any of you ever tried spreading oleo on an Oreo? How awesome would it be if Nabisco decided to market a version replacing the creme filling with margarine?

CS 3:10
NYS 3:03
NYT 2:33
LAT 3:41