May 28, 2006

Memorial Day

I liked the utterly inarticulate theme in Alex Boisvert's Monday NYT. WELL, ANYWAY, this puzzle is LIKE, YOU KNOW, pretty easy. I MEAN, COME ON, it's a Monday crossword, so it's supposed to be approachable. OR WHATEVER. In keeping with the colloquial theme, the fill includes DWEEB, LECH, and DUH. Following on the heels of yesterday's "ejaculate," 3 letters starting with C, it should be noted that SCREW is drily clued, "fastener that's twisted in."


In Harvey Estes' CrosSynergy puzzle, "Messing Around," there are two corner blocks of 9-letter words—that's fancy puzzlin' for a Monday.

NYT 3:08
LAT 3:00
CS 2:59
(No NY Sun puzzle on a holiday)