May 02, 2006

Time out for an important cause

This Saturday, I won't be doing my usual crossword puzzles in the morning. Instead, I'll be participating in the Walk for the Whisper to raise money for ovarian cancer awareness and research.

This cause is a personal one for me, as my aunt has been fighting advanced ovarian cancer—and coping with the side effects of treatment—for over two years. Because there is no reliable way to detect ovarian cancer early (when it is more treatable), many cases have already reached an advanced stage before diagnosis. The Walk for the Whisper is raising money for the Illinois division of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, to fund research and promote awareness. So much research is still needed to find ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat ovarian cancer. For this particular type of cancer, raising awareness is as crucial as research funding—often the symptoms are vague and seem unrelated to the reproductive system.

If even a fraction of Crossword Fiend readers choose to make a small donation to sponsor me (at the linked page, fill in a donation amount and click "continue") in the Walk for the Whisper, I'll be well on my way to meeting my goal of raising $250 this week. I thank you, and the ovarian cancer community thanks you.