May 21, 2006


Edgar Fontaine's Monday NYT puzzle intentionally violates the strictures on using the same word more than once in a grid, with two theme entries starting with NEW and two ending with YORK. Both pairs of theme entries are crossed by a vertical IT'S A HELLUVA TOWN down the center. Am I the only one who read DUKE OF YORK and got "Duke of Earl" implanted in my mind's ear?

Monday at noon Central time, I plan to post the Crossword Fiend contest puzzle by Craig Kasper. So bring your thinking cap and get ready for a challenge. There'll be a prize for the first correct answer (alas, it's not a lifetime annuity), as well as smaller prizes for two randomly selected finishers, so give it a whirl!

LAT 3:06
NYT 3:05 (in Across Lite)
CS 3:05
Newsday 2:35
NYS tba