June 25, 2006

The music in Wordplay

If you've seen the world's finest crossword-puzzle documentary and liked the song that's playing as the credits begin to roll, download the MP3 of the Minnesota Public Radio show featuring Gary Louris, the guy from the Jayhawks who wrote and performed that song for the movie. He sings it a few minutes into the radio program.

There's also a song from the They Might Be Giants kid-oriented album, Here Come the ABCs. You can download "Can You Find It" (the song with the "Can you find the letter H" lyric) at iTunes, download the whole album at the band's site, or buy the disc.

There were a couple other songs that I'd love to be able to listen to outside of the cinema—here's hoping that they'll be available via a soundtrack CD, the DVD release later this year, iTunes, or what-have-you.