June 10, 2006


Just a few days ago, people on the Cruciverb mailing list were joking about Will Shortz's fictitious family members, such as JIM SHORTZ, who coincidentally shows up as "High School Sports Reporter" in "Newspaper Directory," the NYT puzzle by Maxwell H.D. Johnson Jr. I'm not wild about this particular theme, but I like the overall fill: OLD FOGY, BIG GREEN (the Dartmouth home page says crosswordese fave Elie Wiesel is the commencement speaker this weekend), RELICT, BRIOCHE, MOLESKIN, BASENJIS, and LAMONT.


I liked the themes offered by Merle Baker's Newsday puzzle, "It's Elementary," and Randolph Ross's Washington Post puzzle, "What About It?" Today's CrosSynergy Sunday Challenge is from Rich Norris; plenty of stellar entries, but fairly easy clues.

WaPo 10:02
NYT 8:24
Newsday 7:39
LA Weekly 7:21
LAT 6:57
CS 4:00