July 30, 2006

Moving on to Monday

NYS 3:20
NYT 2:36
CS 2:59
LAT 2:37

We head into Monday with two excellent puzzles, by Elizabeth Gorski in the NYT and Adam Cohen in the Sun. Elizabeth Gorski's NYT puzzle has only three theme entries, but it felt like more because they comprised such a fresh batch of introductory lines. And the theme was supplemented by six 8- or 10-letter fill entries (such as MAKES A MINT and CHIMNEYS), plus a couple X's and a Z.

Adam's Sun puzzle, "Terms of Endearment," has a solid group of theme entries in a grid seasoned liberally with five Z's plus a Q (in QADDAFI!) and X. The fill also features great entries, like SWERVE, BEEFALO, and FLYOVER.