July 04, 2006


Nancy Salomon's NYT supplements a sound-change pun theme (Wasn't "Send in the Clones" one of the titles George Lucas was considering for a Star Wars movie?) with goodies like ROTTEN LUCK, HOW SO, YOUR TURN, SLUSH FUND, and CASH COWS. MICRO was clued "short-short skirt," and I thought to myself, what does that mean exactly? So I did a Google image search, and all I can say is, holy crap.


Hmm, still no Sun puzzles uploaded this week? We're being set up for some crossword bulimia here—at least the binge portion.

NYT 3:58 (frittered away 15 or 20 seconds with an adjacent-key typo)
CS 3:44
LAT 3:13
NYS tba