July 04, 2006

Tuesday the Fourth of July

Ed Early's NYT features a Revolutionary War theme. Who's GENERAL GAGE, anyway? I don't recall that name from U.S. history class in high school.

The CrosSynergy puzzle, Thomas Schier's "Independence Day," fills six rows with 15-letter entries made up of strings of red, white, or blue items. I rather like that format—not knowing where the word breaks fall ramps up the challenge a little. (Love those variety crosswords in Games or Games World of Puzzles in which the whole grid is white squares and you're on your own for figuring out where the word breaks should go.)

Diane Baldwin's Monday LA Times puzzle was...tasty, and Fred Jackson III's Tuesday LA Times was above AVERAGE MAN level.

CS 4:35
Tues LAT 3:23
NYT 3:04
Mon LAT 2:40