August 20, 2006


CS 3:24
NYT 3:18
LAT 3:12
NYS 3:08

Ray Hamel's "Mammal Moves" in the New York Sun is another 15x16 grid, accommodating two 16- and two 11-letter entries along with some perky fill—DIET PEPSI (far inferior to Diet Coke, of course), PTUI, and ASK AFTER.

Over in the Times, Elayne Cantor shows me what I have to look forward to as my kid gets older—GET OFF THE PHONE! CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! And the line I always used in reply when I was a kid—LATER. With a couple 10-letter entries in the fill (ACROPHOBIA, SOFT-PEDALS), it's a fairly accomplished puzzle. And isn't this only her second or third published puzzle? Nice job!