August 06, 2006

Monday's puzzles are fair of face

NYS 3:28
NYT 3:12 (plus another 1:41 finding that typo)
CS 3:00
LAT 2:49

My favorite Monday constructor, Lynn Lempel, did a nice job with her NYT puzzle theme, and I liked Kelsey Blakley's Sun puzzle, too. In Lynn's puzzle, she tracks the development of a plant from SEED to SHOOT to STEM to LEAF to BUD to FLOWER, and fills the the grid with fragrant blossoms like PLAY MONEY and PUNCH IN. Hmm, I haven't got much more to say about the puzzle—hey, it's a Monday. My typo was PTT for OTT, and the typo eluded me for far too long since TAP's as plausible as TAO (though it absolutely doesn't fit the clue).

The Sun's title is "The French Connection," and the theme entries were all phrases derived from French. Surely I'm not the only one who slows down while remembering the order of the vowels in words like HORS DOEUVRE and COEUR D'ALENE?